Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rainbow Loom Valentines!

 My kiddo is obsessed with her rainbow loom as well as most of her friends!    They are making bracelets at recess all the time, since it's too cold to go outside right now.   Every afternoon, she's working on a bracelet of some sort!    So much so that we now have two looms to make bigger and better bracelets and now necklaces.   It never ends!  

She really, really (did I mention REALLY) wanted to make her class bracelets for her Valentine cards.   First, she was going to make triple singles.   Then, it was single loops.    After MUCH debate, she finally agreed to the fishtail design.    We don't do anything the easy way around these parts!   By the end, I was wondering why on earth I thought this was a good idea.   We spent lots of time bonding over the rainbow loom, for sure!   

Enough rambling...on with the photos and some tips to make this easier.   Live and learn!
We started by first picking our colors.    She insisted on a rainbow pattern so ROYGBIV pattern it was!    It's much faster if you just dump the bands on your table instead of trying to get them out of the containers.  Efficiency was the goal!
We made several one at a time before I got the bright idea to mass produce these things.   Much faster even if boring.   :)    She made them one at a time and I made a couple batches of six.    She was limited on time since she spent a few days deciding which bracelet she was making.   Mom to the rescue! 
They do make an impressive looking pile when all 24 bracelets are piled up together!

 Thanks to Pinterest I found these awesome printables.   Go here to get the downloadable file from Nest of Posies!   It's awesome and easy peasy.   Just download and print.  Take your paper cutter and cut them up.   I printed mine full page.   Then, each card was 3.25x5.25.    She wanted big ones!    I printed on plain paper and then matted them with cardstock for sturdiness.     I also cut out the edges so the bracelets were easy to get on and off the valentine without destroying either one.
She put to and from on the back and we were done with time to spare!   Always a good thing!!
Happy Crafting!